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Bringing great people to our team brings big rewards.

It’s a fact—Team Members who were referred tend to perform better and stay with us longer! All hourly Team Members are eligible to receive a bonus if their referral is hired.

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Current Team Members will receive a bonus when they refer someone they know personally and the person is hired. A referral is someone the Team Members can vouch for being a good fit for the team.

The referral bonus gives the referring (current) Team Members two payouts—the first one is paid when their referral is hired and has worked their first shift, and the second payout occurs when the referred Team Member reaches their 90-day milestone.

Payouts & Milestones

Here’s a breakdown of the bonus payout amounts and timing. The number listed is the amount paid to the referring Team Member.

Payouts are issued on the 2nd Friday of the month after the hire date and 90-Day milestone and will be billed to the restaurant P&L under ‘Employee Incentives’.


$125 $100
$250 $150

Initiating a payout

Managers now have direct control of all referral bonus payouts! You will use a form within the Self-Service Portal to initiate all referral bonus payouts. Click the learn more button below to learn how to access and complete the form.

Learn More Initiate Payout

Please note!

Managers only need to submit a request for the first payout.

Once the referred Team Member reaches their 90-day milestone, the additional “90-Day” payout will be issued automatically to the referring Team Member without any additional action required from the Manager.

Order referral poster!

Referral poster can be displayed in the HOH as a reminder to Team Members of the financial benefit available to all Team Members.

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Still have questions about referrals?

Take a look at our FAQs below!

Any hourly, non-management, TM in the restaurant.

Management TMs in the restaurant (Kitchen Supervisor and above) and RSC TMs are not eligible for receiving an hourly referral bonus.

You, as the Manager, must submit a referral payout request via the Referral Bonus Payout form. To quickly locate the form, search ‘Referral’ in the SSP.

Payments will be paid by payroll on the 2nd Friday of the month after the hire date and their 90th day.

If the SSP form is submitted late, payout will occur on the normal payout schedule starting the next month.

Initial payouts are issued on the 2nd Friday of the month after the Manager submits the Referral form.

90-Day payouts will be issued automatically in the month after the referred TM reaches the 90-Day milestone.

The payout method will be the same method as normal paychecks (direct deposit, pay card or paper check).

To submit the form you’ll need to

  • Select the type of referral payout.
  • Select the current TM’s name from the Current TM drop-down.
  • Select the Referred Hire’s name from the TMs listed in the drop-down.
  • Click ‘Submit’.
  • Save the confirmation email in case you need it for future reference.

Be sure the new TM fully completed all on-boarding tasks.

As a best practice, wait until the new TM has worked their first shift and you are able to see the TM in Menulink before submitting the form.

Make sure the ‘New Hire Location’ field is set to your restaurant. The system will only display TM names associated with the selected location.

No problem! Simply submit another form with the correct information and include a brief explanation of the error in the “Please provide additional information…” text box at the bottom of the form. If possible, please include the ticket number from the previous submission.

Yes! It will show up under Employee Incentives

For consistency, the payout request should be submitted by the Manager of the new-hire.

Yes! All referrals MUST be submitted within 12 months (1 year) of the start date of the new hire. If a submission is received for a new hire that has been active for more than 12 months it will not be paid out.

If you need help or have a question that isn’t covered here, please email and you’ll receive a response shortly.


Grow your team with the help of your team.

Encourage your Team Members to search and recruit for their own talent. This will help bring qualified candidates while also reinforcing the Chili’s brand. Here are some resources to get started.

Learn How

Order hiring & event flyers!


Whenever there is an event, encourage your Team Members to attend and invite their friends with our hiring and event flyers. You can order these fliers from our marketing site.

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Our flyers are here to entice people to join us and should be used in Chili’s To-Go orders.

You must separate each flyer as there are four on one page and add one to each To-Go order bag on high-volume days for maximum efficiency. Please attach flyers to the outside of the bag with tape or put them inside the bag. No staples!

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Interview Guide

Looking for tips to help you interview and select top talent? Here are some tools and resources that will help you to set expectation with your Team Members and candidates!

View Guide New TM Hire Checklist

Additional Documents

Need more information on how to have Aces in Places or want to provide more information to prospective Chilis Team Members about our benefit offerings? Our brochures are here to help.

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  • Preview DO Critical Staffing Ticketing Process Download

KROW & Taleo

We use KROW and Taleo to assist you in the process of bringing new Team Members to Chili’s. Both have special features that will help streamline the hiring process.


KROW is a mobile application platform that helps simplify the hiring process for hourly Team Members. It asks a series of interview questions to prescreen the candidate, allows them to self schedule interview times, and sends them messages about their status.

View guide

Already familiar? Go ahead and log into KROW now using the button below.

Login to KROW


Taleo is where new hires will need to complete their onboarding documents. After you have hired a new TM in KROW they will need to complete the Taleo application. Upon completion of the Taleo application you will be able to set a start date and start onboarding for that TM in Taleo.

The following procedures are to be used only for Dish, Prep Cook, and Line Cook applications. All other applications are to be taken online at

View guide

Questions about Taleo and KROW? See our FAQs for more information.

See FAQs

Have questions relating to Taleo and KROW?

Take a look at the FAQs below!

No, candidates do not have KROW accounts. Candidates can schedule an interview once their pre-application has been submitted.

Yes, if a Team Member is new to Chili’s, they will need to access the new hire application email that is sent from KROW (  Once they select ‘Get Started’ from the email, they will be directed to the Taleo login page. In order to apply, the new hire should select ‘New User’ and fill out the required fields. Once the Team Member has created their account, they can complete the new hire application.

If the Team Member is a returning ChiliHead, they’ll need to sign into their account to complete their application.

The Candidate will need to login their account on then select ‘Already Applied?’ Once they are logged in, select their name from the top right corner and then select Account . The Candidate can then select Edit to update their personal information, such as their email address or password. After the Candidate has corrected their email address, go to their application through the requisitions tab of Taleo and select More Actions > Cancel Onboarding Process > Select Done. Next select More Actions > Start Onboarding Process select Done to resend the onboarding paperwork.

Use the “forgot password” link under the log in screen and fill out the required fields. The TM will receive an email with
an access code and link to reset their password. Account lockouts only last around 20 minutes.

Use the “forgot Username” link under the log in and fill out required fields. This will display the
username associated with the email address given.

Only qualified Candidates show up in the Requisition tab in Taleo. Reasons why a Candidate may not show:

  1. They did not submit their new hire application
  2. They were disqualified on a prescreening question
  3. They are no longer considered in the “selection process”


Manage job postings by toggling on and off the Available and Schedulable toggles in KROW under My Forms.

In Taleo select Onboarding (Transitions) from the main menu, next identify and select your Team Member’s name at the bottom of the screen. The best way to determine if a Team Member has completed onboarding is to select their name and review that their onboarding bar reflects 100%. Additionally, a system generated email will be sent to the restaurant once the Team Member has completed onboarding.

Access the requisition in Taleo. On the left side of the requisition screen, review the Filters section. Under the Candidates drop down menu, deselect the checkbox next to ‘In selection process’ then click Apply Candidate Filters. This action will display all Candidates under that requisition.

Once you have removed the ‘In selection process’ filter (see above), select the Candidate’s application then More Actions > Revert Latest Change of Step/Status. This action will revert the Candidate to the previous status.

KROW supports hourly candidate prescreening, interview scheduling and candidate communications via emails or text, if opted in for text through KROW. Taleo is used to complete the hiring and onboarding process after the interview and selection decision is made for hourly Team Members. We will continue to use both KROW and Taleo for hourly candidate selection.

As of right now, the only time Candidates will be cleared from Taleo are when the Taleo Administration team refreshes the requisitions. If you are using the “In selection process” filter, meaning no filters set, you’ll see the population of candidates who are currently in the selection process.
To limit the number of Candidates, you can use the requisition specific view (by clicking the number next to the Req). The view will be filtered to only show Candidates that are in the “selection process”. But this also means that your Candidates must be updated (reject/hire/put on hold) on a regular basis to avoid having to scroll through the list of those that are still in process.

Managers obtain access to Taleo through PeopleSoft; as soon as your information is in PeopleSoft you will have access to Taleo.

As of right now, the restaurant management team shares one login to access KROW.

Feel free to take notes during the interview, just remember to shred afterwards. Do not keep personal information such as interview notes on file.