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[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: Our commitment to people fuels everything we do, which is why Chili’s has been giving back to local communities for over 40 years. Now we’re helping the next generation give back for the next 40 by narrowing our efforts. There are many great causes worthy of support, but we’re choosing to focus on three important pillars– kids, hunger, and education.



We recognize that children are our future leaders, so we’re committed to supporting those kids in need.

SPEAKER 2: St. Jude is a big thing here. It’s like the heart of our Chili’s and our community too because our community jumped right on board with it.

SPEAKER 3: It’s something powerful to see the younger generation feel confident enough to go change the world. And if we can be a little tiny part of that, that’ll make us all very proud.


SPEAKER 1: At Chili’s, we feed people for a living, so we have the unique opportunity to make an impact in the fight against hunger.

SPEAKER 4: When Norman Brinker passed away, we wanted to memorialize him and to give back to the community. The garden at the home office made perfect sense for that.

SPEAKER 5: I’m here with the Chili’s team at a mobile pantry distribution in Dallas. They are so appreciative. I can see it in their eyes when they come through, so that’s what really makes it super powerful.

SPEAKER 6: We’ve been there to feed first responders for days after a tragedy. We’ve been there to feed our own people, frankly, that have been displaced. We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again.


SPEAKER 1: We champion future restaurant leaders within our walls and beyond them. That’s why we partnered with ProStart to bring students behind the scenes.

SPEAKER 7: It’s a two-year program where we prepare students to run and own their own restaurant or train to be a culinary chef.

SPEAKER 8: I actually got my job at Chili’s through ProStart. I wouldn’t have had my job at Chili’s if it wasn’t for ProStart.

SPEAKER 1: And because our greatest asset is our ChiliHeads–

SPEAKER 9: What time is it?

ALL: Showtime!

SPEAKER 1: –we offered them the opportunity for free education as well.

SPEAKER 10: Student loans are crazy. We want to be a best-in-class employer, and one of the ways to do that is to meet you where your needs are, which is helping with your education.

SPEAKER 11: Best You EDU, it’s giving the opportunity to every team member that wants it. Education at no cost to help them advance their career aspirations.

SPEAKER 12: It gives me a chance to have a different avenue of learning and becoming a better person.

SPEAKER 13: Chili’s is doing the CSL program and creating these great certified shift leaders because some of our best leaders are folks that are promoted from within.

SPEAKER 11: It’s changing their lives by the way they’re compensated, building their confidence.

SPEAKER 14: I’m able to start paying off a little bit more of my debt.

SPEAKER 15: It builds my self-esteem in and out of the workplace.

SPEAKER 3: If we can create an environment where people feel like education is safe, education is available, and education is sponsored internally for our own people or in the local communities, that’s a powerful thing.

SPEAKER 1: Giving back is the right thing to do. And with tens of thousands of ChiliHeads strong, we can continue making an impact on communities for years to come.