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Being a ChiliHead means…

Being a ChiliHead is more than just a job – it’s a lifestyle. It’s living our Purpose each and every day; whether that’s in the restaurants or in your everyday activity. The stories we hear every day from our Team Members inspire us to do better. During this time of gratitude and love, we want to give you an inside look at what being a ChiliHead is all about. The stories below will give you a small glimpse of how we connect, serve and give to create the best life.


Meet Christina, a Team Member from Gainesville, Florida who showed true bravery after finishing her shift at #TodaysChilis.


“Christina was on her way home from her shift when a car veered across her car and ended in a pond. She quickly got out of her car to assist the lady only to find a child in the back seat. She swam out and retrieved the child and brought her to the shore and safety. She then swam back out to attempt to get the mother out. She was pinned in there by her seat belt. By that time the FD arrived and was able to get her to safety. While that was going on, Christina was comforting the child until she could be reunited with her mother. What an act of bravery” –Tony Devescovi, Area Director.


Meet Alicia & Team Kahala from Hawaii – this team went out of their way to make a difference for their community. 


“Alicia, a Team Member from Hawaii, and the team in Kahala volunteered their time to give back to their community. They served lunch to the under privileged at one of our local shelters in their free time. So proud of this team for taking the challenge and getting involved in making a difference in other’s lives! By giving their time, they helped create the best life for those in need and I’m sure they felt a connection and a greater sense of purpose that we all can be a part of. Community is contagious – pass it on!” – Jeffrey Mews, Area Director


Meet Team Concord from California – this team is involved with their local special needs program and gives back to their community by employing young adults with disabilities. 


“The team has been a long time member of their community engaging with programs such as Workability. The Workability program allows young adults with disabilities to gain work experience outside of their education and acquire essential workplace skills to find a career path. Omar Gomez came to us from Workability 6 years ago – or as he will share – 6 years 10 months and 10 days. Omar is deaf but that doesn’t break his spirit. After working in Chili’s as a student, Omar was hired to join the Chili’s team as a member of our Heart of House. Omar has a smile on his face every day, works tremendously hard and wears his heart on his sleeve. What makes us the most proud of Omar, is his level of engagement with his team and his peers, always hopping in where he is needed and being the beacon of positive attitude. Omar communicates with his team through a few applications on his phone and because of programs such as Workabilty, we are fortunate to meet people like Omar and have them join our Chili’s family! ” – Justin Cates, Area Director


These are few of many stories to how we connect, serve and give to create the best life for our Teams and our Guests. Now – it’s your turn! How are you planning to connect, serve and give to create a best life for yourself and those around you this holiday season?

Happy holidays from the ChilisJobs team!