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Love is…

Love is…

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is good friends and lifelong memories. Love is endless chips and salsa. Love is watching the big game with wings and a beer. Everyone has their own interpretation of love. The very idea is so many different things to different people. We love our pups and our kittens, we love our friends and our family, we love time to ourselves and we love a good Cabernet on a snowy night. And if you’re really lucky in this life, you find unconditional love. The kind they write books about.

Define it however you wish. But for us, love is about truly, madly, deeply connecting with those around us. Our Guests, our communities, our friends, fans and followers—it’s the people that make this work so rewarding. The roots of love go deep in this company. From the very early days until right now at #TodaysChilis, we’ve had the lucky fortune to foster a place where everyone belongs. It’s just this simple: we love it here. We love the company that we’ve inherited from those Hamburger Hippies who got us started 40 years ago. But most importantly, we love the second family we call home. And for many, the unconditional love they experience started right here…at work.

Christian Crimmins

“Stephanie and I met at the Chili’s in Edison, New Jersey in 1997. I was a manager and Stephanie applied for a server position. She was only looking for summer hours and I did not want to hire seasonal team members, so I gave her a quick interview and let her know that I did not have a position for her. She certainly made an impression on me in the short interview because after working a rough shift with some team members that did not belong with us, I thought that even if I hired her for just the summer, it would put us in a better place than we were at that moment and put us on the path to building a better team. I called her and left her a message and thankfully, she was still available and still interested.

We worked together for 2 years before we started dating – right as I was leaving to open another restaurant! We will celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary this July! Stephanie is now an elementary school teacher and we have 2 sons and 2 Golden Retrievers! I mean it when I tell people that I owe everything I have to Chili’s!”

Harold Collins

“My name is Harold Collins and my wife’s name is Wendy Collins. We met in 1990 at the Chili’s Brodie Oaks location in Austin, Texas. At the time, I was a line cook and Wendy was a server. Both of us stuck with it and learned a ton along the way—and now, we are BOTH General Managers in Texas.  We have been married coming up on 22 years this February 19th, and have been together 26 years. Our family consists of 3 beautiful daughters, a cat, a dog, and lots of #ChilisLove.”

Amanda Torrence

“Trace and I met at the Chili’s in Tomball, Texas in 2003. He was a manager at the restaurant where I was training. We met at the coffee maker on my first day of Manager-in-development training. He looked up at me and I smiled down at him. Truly…sparks went off for both of us. We were best friends for two years and in 2005 I finally realized I had a huge crush on him and had to confess (or painfully grovel because I had turned down his offer to date two years before). The rest is history and we’ve been married since October 20, 2007. We have been blessed with true #ChilisLove and continue to grow into new roles with Chili’s. I have two “bonus” sons with Trace (one is a ChiliHead server now!) and we have a beautiful 2 year old daughter together.”

Sadly we can’t guarantee that you’ll find your true love at Chili’s. But, we feel incredibly confident that you’ll find people like you. People that love the work hard play hard culture that has been part of our story from day one. People that bring their whole self to work, and who lead with their hearts and minds. Much love to you this Valentine’s Day—whatever love is to you.