Storytelling is a powerful tool. For centuries all around the world, we have used storytelling to shape cultures, share values and connect us to what matters most. This year, we set out to help tell our story. As we close the year here @ChilisJobs and look forward to what 2016 has in store, we wanted to share a story that puts the dot on the exclamation point of an amazing 2015.

Our team is so blessed to read and hear stories from all around the company, in locations both local and around the world. Many of those stories highlight incredibly good people who are impacting the lives of their neighbors, friends and fellow ChiliHeads every day. During the holiday season, these stories come in by the thousands and lift our spirits in every way possible. Here’s just a sample:

“I was closing Saturday night with another Team Member. It was a rough shift. I was sharing with her, my plan to have a humble Christmas to get each of my kids 2 gifts and that I was worrying about affording even my humble Christmas. This Team Member was comforting and I left feeling hopeful. After a busy Sunday, she had me follow her to her car and revealed a trunk full of decorations, clothes, and toys for my kids. I can’t tell you how grateful and humbled I am because of this act of kindness. I learned she got 4 other TMs  together to provide my family a great Christmas. Being a ChiliHead is being part of a family of people who genuinely care and support each other.”
– Jessica, Chili’s Team Member


This holiday season, we raise our glass to you and wish you all the best that life has to offer. Thank YOU for giving us the opportunity to connect, serve and give with our friends, families and Guests in the communities all around the world that we call home.

Sending you and yours some #ChilisLove

Happy Holidays!