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Living with Purpose

Purpose. It’s an interesting concept, an intangible underlying reason driving what we do, or don’t do.  As I reflect on my life and the things I am grateful for during this holiday season, I can’t help but reflect on my purpose.

Purpose is so personal. No one can define it for you. No one can persuade your purpose or try to change it. It is innate.

Aristotle said “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation.”

As I think of, or try to identify what my purpose is, I come back to the same simple idea of caring for and inspiring others. No matter what venue or forum I have had in my life, whether it be early on in life at church, in school studying to be a therapist, or now as a PeopleWorks Partner for Chili’s – my purpose is to care for and inspire others.

Chili’s has provided me the amazing opportunity throughout the last 14 years to live that purpose. Starting as a hostess and then working as an hourly Team Member for 7-8 years has provided me the opportunity to serve those around me and also care for and provide a little inspiration to our Guests. When I joined management back in 2009, I had no idea the obligation and opportunity I would have to lead, care for, and inspire my team. It was that passion and perspective that earned me the role of General Manager for Chili’s. I enjoyed each opportunity I had to influence the life of one of my Team Members. I was able to share my love and passion for this brand and for each of them.

Something not many people get to see is a tattoo I have on my forearm. It represents an important element of living my purpose that took me years to learn. It says in the great words of Shakespeare “To thine own self be true“. If you aren’t a huge Shakespeare nerd like me, it is easy to misunderstand that message. In the play Hamlet, when Polonius was bidding farewell to his son for the last time, those were his words. Simply stated, you cannot care for others, unless you care for yourself first. This was the lesson I had to learn the hard way. I can see times in my life when I was at my lowest points and the common theme was sacrificing my very basic needs to care for others. Learning this about myself has been an incredibly valuable life experience that I never want to forget. I learned I could better live my purpose, when I take time to love and care for myself.

I feel blessed and so fortunate to live a life I love. To have beautiful and positive friends around me, to have a close yet dysfunctional quirky family, and to work in a job with the most INCREDIBLE people which allows me the opportunity to care for and inspire others almost daily!

As you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, make sure you stop, take a moment – and reflect on what your purpose is and seek out an opportunity to live it. Chili’s Purpose is to Connect, Serve and Give to Create the Best Life. The happiest and best lives are those who stay true to themselves and live their purpose!

Happy Holidays!

Annalise Miller, PeopleWorks Partner at Chili’s
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