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The View from #TodaysChilis

Geez! That blinking cursor…taunting you to start typing the first ever post, for the first ever blog, on the first ever career site, for a brand that’s been playing restaurant for forty years. Where do we even begin?

Let’s start with the obvious, “WELCOME!” The team here is trying hard to contain ourselves and not race down the halls screaming “IT’S HERE!!!!” The journey from inception to execution and the launch of ChilisJobs.com has been a whirlwind of friends, visionaries, designers, developers and all-around rock stars coming together to give you a peek behind the curtain of our home away from home. It truly takes a village, and to everyone that was along for the ride, we tip our hats and raise our glasses—you made the ride worth taking. We’re super excited to get to know all of you out there on the interwebs, and we’re hoping you’ll get to know us, too.

A few years ago, we challenged ourselves to look in the mirror and listen closely to others about their perceptions of Chili’s as a place to work. We asked, “Would you ever consider leaving your role as a Manager for Brand X to come work for Chili’s?” Every…single…person…said “no”. After swallowing the giant lump in our throats, we asked “Why?”, then sat back and listened. It was hard to accept, but blatantly obvious. No one knew our story.

Our story is forty years in the making. It’s a story about real people that wanted to create a place that was different; where you could hang out with friends over a burger and a beer, and just connect. Mind you, that was back in 1975—long before the countless distractions and time shifting and blazing fast pace of today’s world. There’s terabytes of information laser targeted on our brains every day—so much so that it’s hard to cut through the clutter and figure out what matters. And it’s why so many stories get lost in the shuffle, including ours. If we weren’t going to tell our story, who would?

Fast forward to #TodaysChilis. We pushed ourselves forward, from the inside out: our menu, our kitchens, our atmosphere, our technology—and we continue to innovate every day. We’re pumped to keep doing what we’ve always done—connect with Guests and fellow ChiliHeads in ways that make people feel special and connected to their purpose in life. You could work anywhere, but why not work where you’re able to stretch yourself in the direction of what matters most to you?

To us, work is about much more than earning a paycheck. It’s about being valued and appreciated for bringing your whole self to work every day, and for making a difference in the lives of others. It’s one of the many reasons we were so proud to be recognized by FORTUNE® as a “Great Place to Work for Millenials.”

We’ll keep sharing our story, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride. Connect with us online, on social, through email—for all the latest and greatest!